Principal, Educator & Consultant

Shereel Washington graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies, Forestville, CA in the Community Herbalist Program as a Clinical Herbalist, as well as certificates in Body Systems, and Herbal Crafting. She has completed over 1200 hours of herbal craft making training.

As an educator, Shereel teaches Black North American Herbalism and Medicine Making in various herbal certification programs in schools across Northern California, primarily, San Francisco Bay Area. As a herbal health, healing and nutrition practitioner and consultant, Shereel serves diverse ethnic communities in promoting natural health care and wellness through plant medicine. As an advocate of global cultural herbal traditions, Shereel is passionate about preserving the history, knowledge and expansion of the current practice of Black North American Herbalism.

Shereel is an instructor at the following institutions & annual events:

Land of Verse  

Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium. (NCWHS)

Berkeley Herbal Center

Buckeye Gathering

Shereel teaches online courses featured on Learning Herbs. 

Shereel has been named a Community Leader by People Science and a Cultivator of Celebration by Cornell University Botanical Garden's Seeds of Survival and Celebration Exhibit. Shereel's dedication to research and collaboration is also evident in her work with Traditional Medicinals and People Science, where she provided valuable insights into the history of Black North American Herbalists.